Collaborators – we appreciate people

Dreamerswe envision a better world

Doerswe create our own future

Solverswe embrace every challenge

Believers we trust that purpose transcends




Hard Worker - Change Driver - Contagious Laugh

Meaningful work inspires me. I love a challenge, I love to achieve what people thought was impossible. And more than anything else, I love knowing my hard work and energy are spent making the world better for the people who live here.

I've spent over 10 years in various roles including Director of Communications for the Lt. Governor of Colorado and Denver Human Services, and Marketing Manager for the Port of San Diego. As a public servant, I have created purpose-driven marketing and communications campaigns for the environment, child and family services, higher education, economic development, foster parent recruitment, ending homelessness and other critical community initiatives. 

I founded Axiom so I would have more opportunity to do the purpose-driven work I love as a part-time freelancer. On the weekends you will find me decorating my year-round holiday tree for my latest theme party or pretending I'm a hiker, but mostly just getting lost.



Organizer - Mathematician - Fierce Game Player

Running the numbers is just one part of being a small business operations specialist, I also enjoy organizing and improving systems, automating processes and finding ways to make people's lives easier. Always within budget. Yes, some have accused me of being frugal! But paying attention to every cent is particularly important when we are working on the kind of purpose-driven campaigns Axiom specializes in. When I am not keeping books I am usually keeping score - whether it is for a family game of flag football or a marathon of board games during game night, give me a game of strategy any time!

Axiom partners with the JustifiedHype.com Creative Collective to allow individual freelancers to commit their time, effort and best work to the projects that matter to them most. Meet some of our collaborators.



Creator - Burner - Spreader of Mindfulness

Artist, photographer, filmmaker, host of Burner Podcast, founder of Justified Hype, member of #thefreshstate and sometime creative consultant. What moves and energizes me is capturing the kinetic energy of true passion. My inspiration comes from learning about all the amazing things people are doing to leave this world a better place than the one they came in to. As an artist, everything I do revolves around understanding, empowering and honoring the good that an individual person, or a group of people, do in the world. I am moved by what moves you. I want to spend time with you and your organization. I want to follow your team in to the field, understand your mission, and capture it naturally. I like bicycling but haven't had the time in like four years. Big fan of big bass, shiny lights, seven hour conversations dissecting the fabric of reality and an unhealthy obsession with chocolate chip cookies. 

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Talented - Fun - Ready

We are on the lookout for rock stars who are committed to their craft, inspired by purpose-driven marketing, love being part of a team, and know this is the kind of agency they belong in... Sound like your kind of adventure? Say hello!